Displaying an icon from an INIT (OS 9 and earlier)

Once upon a time, there was a standard piece of code that an extension could use to show its icon at startup time. It was called ShowINIT. However, the original version only showed black and white icons, so eventually someone modified it to display color icons of the 'cicn' variety. Later someone else modified it to show color icon families of the 'iclx' type. I released a routine that I called ShowIcon7 that used System 7-specific routines to display color icons. This was one of several not-entirely-compatible icon display routines that were floating around. Eventually, several of us (Peter N. Lewis, François Pottier, and myself) collaborated to produce a standard icon display method, which we called ShowInitIcon. François Pottier has agreed to handle any comments and bug reports.

ShowInitIcon_1.0.1.sit, 10K.

Copyright ©2003, James W. Walker