Dimming Text Items in Dialogs (Obsolete)

New Mac programmers were often confused by the fact that they can easily dim a button or checkbox using HiliteControl, but it doesn't work for text items. That's because, until recently, a text item was not a control. There are various ways to accomplish the task. My first public attempt involved patching the QuickDraw bottleneck for text drawing. But since some programmers are allergic to the word "patch", I came up with another method, involving a dialog event filter.

The code is essentially unchanged from 1996, but if you need to be compatible with pre-Appearance versions of the Mac OS and you're not using a framework like PowerPlant, this can still be useful. It includes a demo application with a CodeWarrior Pro 5 project.

Dim_Text-3.0.2.sit, 15K.