Carbon Help and Balloon Help in PowerPlant

I've always been annoyed by applications that don't bother to implement balloon help (or, these days, Carbon Help), and I was flabbergasted to discover that there was no obvious way to do balloon help in PowerPlant windows. I later found that several people has posted their own solutions in the contributed classes archive at the Metrowerks web site. Here is another one, which has advantages over any others I have seen. ABalloon does not require you to write or modify any code (except to register the class), works with default buttons, and even works with nested panes.

Permission is granted for use of ABalloon free of charge, other than acknowledgement of James W. Walker in any program using ABalloon (perhaps in an About box or in accompanying documentation). The source code may not be sold for profit without permission.

The newest improvement is a subclass ALocalizedTag for localized help tags in packaged applications.

ABalloon-2.1.sit, 39K.