This freeware application applies various patches to other applications or to desk accessories. This approach gives more control over conflicts and memory bloat than extending application behavior by adding extensions to the system.

The patching process adds certain resources to the application. No existing resources are modified, so it is easy to remove the patches if desired. It is not compatible with PopupFuncs, since they use the same mechanism to get run-time from the system.

WARNING! Text Editor Patches should not be applied to a Carbon application. When running under Mac OS 8 or 9, it makes the application crash on Quit. And when running on Mac OS X, the patches simply don't work.

When I found that the "pairs" patch wouldn't work on Carbon applications, I wrote the AutoPairs extension.

Patches include:

If you are interested in how these patches were programmed, you may want to look up my article "One-application Patches" which appeared in the October 1992 issue of MacTech Magazine.

TextEditorPatches_1.7.sit.bin, 38K

Last modified: 13 August 2000
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