Clipboard Magician CNVTs [icon]

Clipboard Magician is a desk accessory that performs various transformations on data on the clipboard. It was written by Ed Lai, an Apple employee, though this is not an official Apple product. Mr. Lai released it as freeware, dedicated to the cause of freedom in China. The Clipboard Magician package includes programming specifications so that others can write conversion modules.

When I include PICT resources in my programs, I like to make them use as little disk space as possible. That is why I wrote conversion modules called Crop Bitmap and Crop Pixmap that crop white space from the borders of pictures. In the first case, the result is a black and white bit image; in the second case, the result is a color image which attempts to use the minimum bit depth.

Some of my programs use an online help module that can accept compressed text and pictures. I wrote converters to compress and decompress any data using the LZSS scheme.

To install these converters, open the file with ResEdit or Resorcerer, copy the resources, and paste them into the Magic Wand file that accompanies Clipboard Magician.

JW-CNVTs.rsrc, 6K

Last modified: 29 April 2001
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