After double-majoring in mathematics and computer science at Virginia Tech, class of 1977, I earned a Ph.D in mathematics at M.I.T. in 1981. Then I took a two-year postdoctoral instructorship at Caltech, and proceeded to a permanent job in the department of mathematics at the University of South Carolina. I published a few mathematical research papers, and attained an Erdős number of 2. While in South Carolina I began to write Macintosh software in my spare time, and I found that I was having more fun programming than doing what I was paid to do.

In 1995 I moved to California to take a job at Nisus Software, Inc. where I soon began working on the flagship product, Nisus Writer. In July 1997 I was laid off. In October 1997, I began working for ScriptPerfection Enterprises, Inc.. There I did most of the programming on the Mac version of Movie Magic Screenwriter, formerly known as ScriptThing, a word processor for stage and screen scripts. It has been used for many shows such as Ally McBeal and Melrose Place. Movie Magic Screenwriter won a Macworld Editor's Choice award. Later, I wrote the Mac version of Power Structure, a story development program for fiction writers. Currently, I am working on the Mac version of FrameForge Storyboard Studio, a Emmy-winning previsualization and storyboarding program for directors and cinematographers. This product uses the open-source 3D engine Quesa, to which I have contributed code.

I can be reached at the temporary e-mail address When I start getting significant "spam" at that address, I will create a new address.

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